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Precision Core Pins

Core pins are one of precision mold parts, the function of core pins is enhancing the strength of ejector pins to avoid ejector pins become deformed or crack and push the finished part out of the open mold. Core pins as an important part of the mold, the quality of core pins has a great influence on injection molding.

Our precision core pins are mainly used in an injection mold or die casting to remove products from molds under extreme conditions of high temperatures.

By nitriding and processing under our own conditions, a deeper nitride layer is formed than other products. Therefore, it has high accuracy, abrasion resistance, excellent base material strength, and high quality.

precision Core pins manufacturer
Product Portfolio

Below are some common types of core pin we produced, the SKD61, SKH51, and H13 are the usually used materials, welcome send us your drawings to get the quotation.

Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 1
Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 2
Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 3
Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 4
Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 5
Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 6
Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 7
Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 8
Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 10
Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 11
Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 12
Precision Core Pins Manufacturer - 13

The above are the common shapes. You can custom-make any shapes you need here, any size, any material, all according to your requirements and drawings production and processing, get a FREE Quote now.

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Why DEK is the Best Precision Core Pins Manufacturer

Ultra Precision

The core pins have various shapes, such as arc, tip, tap, bevel, and irregular. And their tolerances are very precise, so you need a professional manufacturer. DEK has 18 years of experience, and a complete set of high-precision equipment, enough to face any requirements of core pins, 100% processing according to the drawing. Ultra precision is our name.

Rapid manufacturing

We know the urgency of the core insert for the mold, so all your orders will be arranged for production on the same day as place the order. Through the perfect process, mature production technology, complete machines, big stock of raw material, your orders are expected to be shipped within 3-7 days, short 60% lead time than other suppliers.

Custom Anything

In order to reduce the cost of mold production and maintenance, core pins and core inserts are widely used in the complex molds, but each may have a different shape. In DEK, you can customize core pins of any shape, any material, and any size according to the needs of mold design.

Material Selection

Different materials are suitable for different injection molds. We usually use SKD61, SKH51, FDAC materials. Other materials such as H13, 1.2344, SUJ2, 1.2516 is available upon request.

Cost Effective

We are the leading core pins manufacturer and the selling price is the factory base price without any middlemen. Welcome to inquiry, our price is 80% cheaper than other companies.

One-stop Shop

DEK can supply all kinds of mold components such as ejector pin, ejector sleeve, guide pin, guide bush, core pin, etc. Here you can buy all the products you need in one stop. There is no need to manage many suppliers and save your time.

If you are looking for precision ejector sleeves, please feel free to contact us, you will get our response in a short time.

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