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Precision Mold Date Stamps. Date Insert For Injection Mold, Casting Die

Mold Date Stamp, Mold Insert

The date stamp of the mold is generally made into a cylindrical shape, which is embedded in the mold for use. The date stamp is to leave text or patterns on the plastic product to record the production date, brand, trademark, certifications, and service life, etc., which is convenient for product quality management and production batches, and is also the main way for future product maintenance and age identification.

We can provide a full range of date stamps, generally using SUS420 stainless steel, divided into standard type, parting surface replacement type, integral type, length adjustment type, double ring type, etc. Different specifications and patterns can be customized according to customers’needs.

Mold Date Insert Date Stamp
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Mold Inserts, Mold Date Stamp For Injection Mold

DEK offers a full line of Precision Mold Stamps for plastic injection mold. These date stamps are precise in size, clear in lettering, and can 100% compatible with DME, HASCO, MISUMI, PCS-Company, CUMSA and other brands.

Precision Mold Date Inserts
Precision Mold Date Inserts
Date Stamp Date Inserts CUMSA FA
Date Stamp Date Inserts CUMSA FA
Date Stamp Date Inserts CUMSA FT
Date Stamp Date Inserts CUMSA FD
Date Stamp Date Inserts CUMSA FD
Date Stamp 1
Date Stamp 1
OPTIZ DATT1000 DATT1200 Date Stamp
OPTIZ DATT1000 DATT1200 Date Stamp
OPTIZ DATT1300 Date Stamp
OPTIZ DATT2000 DATT2200 Date Stamp
OPTIZ DATT2000 DATT2200 Date Stamp
HASCO Z4864 Date Inserts

Mold Insert For Die Casting

We offer a full range of date insets for die casting, which made of high hardness steels, it is durable and cost-effective.

Date Stamp 5
Date Stamp 7
Date Stamp 9

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Why DEK is Your Best Mold Date Stamps Supplier

clearly fonts

Our date stamp is engraved by the precision engraving machine. Each engraved character is very clear. When injection marking on plastic products, it will not be fuzzy and easy to identify.

Rapid delivery

For some common use mold date inserts, we have kept lots of stock, can be ship out within 1-2 days. For the customized types, according to the requests, generally can be delivered within 3-7 days.

100% Compatible

DEK offers a full range of compatible date inserts, which can 100% replace DEM, HASCO, CUMSA, MISUMI, OPTIZ or other brands. You don't have to change your mold to get an updated date stamp.

Custom Made

In addition to these standard date inserts, we can also customize according to your requirements or drawings. Such as symbols mark, company names, certification marks, etc.

Cost Effective

We are an OEM manufacturer and the selling price is the factory base price without any middlemen. Welcome to inquiry, our mold date stamp price is 70% cheaper than other companies.

One-stop Shop

DEK can supply all kinds of mold components such as ejector pin, ejector sleeve, guide pin, guide bush, core pin, etc. Here you can buy all the products you need in one stop. There is no need to manage many suppliers and save your time.

If you are looking for precision date stamps, please feel free to contact us, you will get our response in a short time.

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