Precision Ejector Sleeves

Ejector sleeve in a mold is to eject either an entire finish molded piece part or apply ejection force to some portion of the molded piece part to assist with part ejection, in combination with other ejection features designed into the mold.

For over 18 years, DEK has been one of the leading mold components ejector sleeves suppliers in the world. Whether you need a short run of complex ejector sleeves, or simply need the standard sizes ejector sleeves, our production line can meet your needs.

We hold stock of nitrided ejector sleeves, and the identical sizes are also available in through-hardened steel. These are normally available within 3-7 days, subject to stock availability.

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Product list

Straight Ejector Sleeves

We offer a full range of straight ejector sleeves, diameter from φ4.0 to φ40.0 mm, length from 100mm to 1250mm is available.

Straight Ejector Sleeve Supplier
Straight Ejector Sleeve Supplier
Straight Ejector Sleeve Supplier
Straight Ejector Sleeve Supplier
Straight Ejector Sleeve Supplier
Straight Ejector Sleeve Supplier

Stepped Ejector Sleeves

We offer a full range of stepped ejector sleeves, diameter from φ4.0 to φ40.0 mm, length from 100mm to 1250mm is available.

Stepped Ejector Sleeve Supplier
Stepped Ejector Sleeve Supplier
Stepped Ejector Sleeve Supplier
Stepped Ejector Sleeve Supplier
Stepped Ejector Sleeve Supplier
Stepped Ejector Sleeve Supplier

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Why DEK is Your Best Ejector Sleeves Supplier

Ultra Precision

Because the inner hole and outer diameter of the ejector sleeve need to be extremely precise, even if it is a little large or smaller, it will seriously affect the use of injection mold. DEK have rich experience and precision equipment, which can ensure you can get the ultra-precision sleeves here.

Rapid delivery

For the standard size nitrided ejector sleeves, we have kept hundreds of thousands of stocks, you can get it on the same day. Even if it is customized, we have a large amount of steel raw materials, which can be produced quickly and generally can be delivered within 3-7 days.

Custom Finishes

You can get a variety of different heat treatment and surface treatment of ejector sleeves to meet the needs of different molds, including nitrided type, hardened type, surface polishing type, black oxidized type, TiN coated, DLC coated, etc.

Material Selection

Different materials are suitable for different injection molds. We usually use SKD61, SKH51, FDAC materials. Other materials such as SUJ2, 1.2516 is available upon request.

Cost Effective

We are an OEM manufacturer and the selling price is the factory base price without any middlemen. Welcome to inquiry, our ejector sleeve price is 80% cheaper than other companies.

One-stop Shop

DEK can supply all kinds of mold components such as ejector pin, ejector sleeve, guide pin, guide bush, core pin, etc. Here you can buy all the products you need in one stop. There is no need to manage many suppliers and save your time.

If you are looking for precision ejector sleeves, please feel free to contact us, you will get our response in a short time.

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